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Mini model
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The Junior SPA is a mini that has been developed for young riders who start there career on a minimoto. It is the result of continues research to improve cornerstability and rider comfort.

The Junior SPA is available in several colors and with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. There are also a lot of special parts available to optimize the bike to your needs.

For more info or prices about the model, please contact us by mail.


Technical Spec’s:

ENGINE             : 2-stroke or 4-stroke (see below for different engine-types)

FRAME              : Steel Deltabox with adjustable rear end.

FRONT BRAKE    : 150 mm Floating brake disk

BACK BRAKE      : 125 mm brake disk

IGNITION          : Electronic ignition

FUEL                 : Super 98 with Synthetic Oil 2% (without Oil for 4-stroke)

INTAKE             : Reed-valves in the crankcase (2-stroke)

EXHAUST           : Standard exhaust pipe (Racing exhaust available)

CLUTCH             : Dry centrifugal clutch.

WHEELS            : Decomposable Aluminium Wheels (design Pasini)

FRONT TYRE      : 6.5” PMT Junior 90/65

REAR TYRE        : 6.5” PMT Junior 110/50

Engine Types:


4.2 HP 40cc Polini / Bizeta engine
Cooling: Air cooled.
Carburator: 14mm Dellorto  SHA14-14
6.2 HP 40cc Polini / Bizeta engine
Cooling : Air cooled
Carburator: 14mm Dellorto SHA14-14
11 HP 40cc Bizeta engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator : 14mm Dellorto SHA14-14

13.5 HP 50cc Bizeta Engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator : 18mm Dellorto PHBG 18
15 HP 50cc Bizeta Engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator :  18 mm Dellorto PHBG 18


6 HP Junior 80cc Pasini Engine
Cooling : air/oil
Carburator : 15 mm Carburator
7 HP Junior 90cc Pasini Engine
Cooling : air/oil
Carburator: 15mm Carburator
10 HP Senior 90cc Pasini Engine
Cooling air/oil
Carburator: 22mm Carburator
13HP Senior 110cc Pasini Engine
Cooling: air/oil
Carburator: 24mm Carburator