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Midi Model
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The Senior GP is the top of the bikes for Seniors. The bike has been developed together with MotoGP rider Mattia Pasini, to get the best performance in all conditions. It is probably the best stearing bike off the grid. There are several types of fearing available , such as the Yamaha M1 or the Ducati Desmosedici GP.

The Senior GP is available in several colors and with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. There are also a lot of special parts available to optimize the bike to your needs.

For more info or prices about the model, please contact us by mail.


Technical Spec’s:

ENGINE             : 2-stroke or 4-stroke (see below for different engine-types)

FRAME              : Steel Deltabox with adjustable rear end.

FRONT BRAKE   : 150 mm Floating brake disk

BACK BRAKE      : 125mm brake disk

IGNITION          : Electronic ignition

FUEL                 : Super 98 with Synthetic Oil 2% (without Oil for 4-stroke)

INTAKE             : Reed-valves in the crankcase (2-stroke)

EXHAUST          : Standard exhaust pipe (Racing exhaust available)

CLUTCH            : Dry centrifugal clutch.

WHEELS            : Decomposable Aluminium Wheels (design Pasini)

FRONT TYRE     : 6.5” PMT Slick 90/65

REAR TYRE       : 6.5” PMT Slick 110/50

Engine Types:


4.2 HP 40cc Polini / Bizeta engineCooling: Air cooled.
Carburator: 14mm Dellorto  SHA14-14

6.2 HP 40cc Polini / Bizeta engine
Cooling : Air cooled
Carburator: 14mm Dellorto SHA14-14

11 HP 40cc Bizeta engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator : 14mm Dellorto SHA14-14

13.5 HP 50cc Bizeta Engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator : 18mm Dellorto PHBG 18

15 HP 50cc Bizeta Engine
Cooling : Water cooled
Carburator :  18 mm Dellorto PHBG 18


6 HP Junior 80cc Pasini Engine
Cooling : air/oil
Carburator : 15 mm Carburator

7 HP Junior 90cc Pasini Engine
Cooling : air/oil
Carburator: 15mm Carburator

10 HP Senior 90cc Pasini Engine
Cooling air/oil
Carburator: 22mm Carburator

13HP Senior 110cc Pasini Engine
Cooling: air/oil
Carburator: 24mm Carburator