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In 1990 the Mini Project Racing concept has been started by the brothers Luca and Maurizio Pasini (Luca is an old Superbike rider).
The minibike races can be seen as the breeding ground for young race-talents.The goal was to create winning combination,
both man and machine and most of all to support talented riders (such as Mattia Pasini in GP250cc) in there racing career.

In 2003 started the development of the 4-stroke minibike engine. No other manufacturer has made such an engine and raced it in championships.
Thanks to Luca and Maurizio the 4-stroke engine is homologated and accepted in official (inter)national championships.

In 2005 Gerry Verhoeven was assigned by Luca Pasini to startup the same project for the BENELUX and to do further development on the Pasini 4-stroke.
Through the years Gerry has proven to be the perfect coach for young talent with several Belgian, Dutch and German championship wins in the minibike races.



Today the main objective is still to recruit young talentfull kids, to learn them good riderqualities and to optimize the bikes.
We believe that a strong mental rider with the correct race-vision and a good training program can be an unbeatable combination on a bike that may not be the strongest or fastest one of the grid.
The best example is Valentino Rossi when he became World champion on the Yamaha M1.

The concept has been proven to be the good foundation for a racing career.
Over the years several champions of the Mini Project Racing concept have made the transfer to the real motorcycle races,
such as Mattia Pasini, Manuel Poggialli, Marco Simoncelli, Alex and Willy De Angelis,
Alex Baldolini, Mattia Angeloni, Dennis Sacchetti, Matteo Biaocco and many others…

Learn more about those riders in “Ex-riders”



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Team Owners :

Luca and Maurizio Pasini

 Members :


More info about these riders will come when the season is ongoing.

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These are the members who are part of the Benelux team under the good guidance and technical know-how of Gerry Verhoeven


Gerry Verhoeven

Age : 39
Location : Tremelo
Race nr : 16
‘80-’86 : BK BMX
’90-98’ : recreative circuitriding + 400cc races
’98 : first minibikerace
’99 : 3e place BK promo +
’00 : 1e place BK promo +
’01 : 2nd BK proto 50cc – 7th UEM senior mini
’02 : 1e place NK modified 40cc
’03 : start import Pasini + development  4 stroke engine
’04 : 2e place NK modified 4 stroke 88cc – WK 24h scooterrace
’05 : coaching minibikeriders BK-NK-UEM -- WK 24h scooterrace
’06 : BK scooterrace / malossicup -- coaching minibikeriders BK-NK-UEM’06 : WK 24h scooterrace
’07 : coaching minibikeriders BK-NK-UEM -- 1e place BK senior 40cc -- NK pitbike
’08 : coaching minibikeriders BK-UEM-FMI -- 1e place 24h pitbikerace
’09 : coaching minibikeriders BK-NK-UEM-FMI -- 2e place on race of honda NSFcup
'10 : coaching minibikeriders + Mini GP

BK:belgian championship
NK :Dutch championship
UEM : European championship
FMI: Italian championship
WK : World championship



Jarno Provost (Retired - now Webmaster)

Date of Birth: 24/04/1979
Location: Brakel (BE)
Bike: Pasini Midi Senior GP M1 4-stroke
Race nr.: 51
Favorite track: Mira Mare (Italia)
4x Belgian champion
1x Dutch Champion
9th European Championship race 2008

Robert Schotman

Date of Birth: 03/12/1998
Location: Dordrecht (NL)
Bike: Pasini Junior SPA Mini 4-stroke
Race nr.: 9
Favorite track: Pomposa (Italia)
2006: 3rd Dutch Junior A championship 4-stroke
2007: 3rd Dutch Junior A championship
2008: European Champion Junior A-4-Stroke
2008: 8th Italian Junior A Championship
2008: 2nd Belgium Junior A Championship

Ryan van de Lagemaat

Date of Birth:16-12-1999
Location: Culemborg (NL)
Bike: Pasini Junior SPA Mini 2 & 4-stroke
Race nr. :18
Favorite track: Francorchamps
2007 : Belgium champion Kids
2009 : belgium & dutch champion Junior A
2009 : 11e UEM Junior A

Wainey Bouwman

Date of Birth: 11/11/1992
Location: Oud Sabbinge (NL)
Bike: Pasini Midi senior GP 2-stroke
Race nr.: 1
Favorite track: Juviancourt(frankrijk) karting Roosendaal (Nederland)
3e Junior +   BK wintercup 2006/2007
7e Promo +  BK Zomercup 2007
Kampioen     BK zomercup 2008
3e promo + BK zomercup 2009

Van Herreweghe Nathan

Date of Birth: 13/06/2001
Location: Aspelare (BE)
Bike: Pasini, Junior SPA mini 4-stroke
Race nr.: 66
Favorite track: Amay (BE)
Website: N/A
2x belgian champion

Bradley Vanneste

Date of Birth: 08/10/1998
Location: Kortrijk (BE)
Bike: Pasini, mini Junior SPA 4-stroke
Race nr.: 98
Favorite track: Francorchamps (BE)
Website: and
BK: 2nd Junior A (2007)
BK: 3th Junior A (2008)
BK: 3th Junior A (2009)

Lukas Tulovic

Date of Birth: N/A
Location: Germany
Bike: Pasini, mini Junior SPA 4-stroke
Race nr.: 3
Favorite track: Francorchamps (BE)
Website: N/A
Achievements: 3th place European championship race 2008 in Skaerbaek (DK)
BK: 2th place junior A 2009
DMSB: 2th place junior A 2009
2009 : 9e placeUEM Junior A

Martijn Govers

Date of Birth: 07/03/1977
Location: Ovezande (NL)
Bike: Pasini, midi Senior GP 4-stroke
Race nr.: 34
Favorite track: Juvaincourt (FR)
Website: N/A
Achievements: N/A

David Keuremennen

Date of Birth: 08/10/77
Location: Lendelede (BE)
Bike: Pasini Midi Senior GP 2-stroke
Race nr.: 69
Favorite track: Amay (Belgium)
Website: N/A
Achievements: N/A


Bo Bendsneijder

Date of Birth: 04-03-1999
Location: Rotterdam (NL)
Bike: Pasini Junior SPA mini 4 stroke
Race nr.: 64
Favorite track: Amay
Achievements: N/A
2th place NSFcup Holland 2009
7e place UEM Junior B 2009

Livio Loi

Date of Birth: 27/04/1997
Location: Hasselt (BE)
Bike: Pasini Junior SPA Mini  4-Stroke
Race nr.: 11
Favorite track: Francorchamps
Website: N/A

3x Belgian Champion 2006,2007,2008
1x Dutch Champion 2008
4th European Championship  2008
1th place Junior B belgium & holland
2th place UEM 2009


Angelo Wijling

Date of Birth: 5-3-1972
Location: Ossendrecht (NL)
Bike: Pasini Senior GP midi 4-stroke
Race nr.:30
Favorite track: juviancourt

Pascal Manuels

Date of Birth: 20-05-1998
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Bike: Pasini Mini M1 4-stroke
Race nr.: 54
Website: N/A
1st  group A wintercompetition Poeldijk 2007
7th summer 2008 Belgian Championship
4 th belgium championship 2009

Jordy Otto

Date of Birth: 13-01-1995
Location: Nederland
Bike: pasini Junior SPA mini 4stroke
Race nr.: 6
Favorite track: Stadskanaal 2007
Website: N/A


Nick Janssens

Date of Birth: 26-01-1996
Location: Linne (NL)
Bike: Pasini Senior GP 2 STROKE
Race nr.:  9
Favorite track: Juvaincourt (FR)
Website: N/A
Achievements: Champion Belgian Wintercup 2007-2008 class : 
2th place Junior B Belgium & Holland 2009
UEM Senior open 40cc 2009

Dario Snel

Date of birth :
Location :
Bike : Pasini Junior 2 stroke
Race nr : 69
Favorite Track :
Website :n/a
Achievements : 3th place junior A NK

Jeroen Bensink

Date of birth :
Location :
Bike : Pasini senior 2 stroke
Race nr :
Favourite track :
Website :
Achievements :

Timo Wieme

Date of birth : 20-05-2002
Location : Poeldijk(NL)
Bike : Pasini mini SPA 4-stroke
Race nr : 42
Favourite track : Marche-En-Fammen (BE)
Website : n/a
Achievements : 1st Race Francorchamps 21-03-2010

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ex PASINI riders PDF Print E-mail



Many riders have been succesfull in the Pasini teams. Many of them have been contacted to ride in Big Teams.

Here is a list of the most recent Ex-team members who now are competing in different classes of racing:

Mattia Pasini

Class: motoGP 250cc

Race-nr.: 75

Best Result:Winning openingsrace of the 2008 season on his maiden race on the 250cc class


Marco Simoncelli

Class:  MotoGP 250cc

Race-nr.: 58

Best Result: World Champion 2008 MotoGP250cc

Website: N/A


Manuel Poggiali

Class: MotoGP 250cc

Race-nr.: 54

Best Result: World Champion MotoGP 125cc 2001
                   Word Champion MotoGP 250cc 2003


Alex De Angelis

Class:  MotoGP

Race-nr.: 15

Best Result: Vice World Champion 125cc in 2003


Wiliam De Angelis

Class:  Superstock 1000cc

Race-nr.: 37

Best Result: N/A


Alex Baldolini

Class: MotoGP 250cc

Race-nr.: 25

Best Result: 14th MotoGP 125cc in 2002



Mattia Angeloni



Best Result:



Dennis Sacchetti

Class:   Superstock 1000


Best Result:



Matteo Biaocco

Class:  Superbike


Best Result:




Xavier Simeon

Class:  Superstock 1000

Race-nr.: 19

Best Result: European Champion SuperStock 600cc 2006 
                 world champion SuperStock 1000 2009



Wayne Tessels

Class:  IDM junior cup 125cc

Race-nr.: 64

Best Result: 3th European Championship minimoto



Luca Marconi

Class:  MotoGP 125cc

Race-nr.: 87

Best Result: 2 times European champion minimoto 2006-2007
                 MotoGP debut 125cc on Aprillia in 2009 

Website: N/A